Various bespoke furniture elements installed to new Sheffield rooftop bar

Various bespoke furniture elements installed to new Sheffield rooftop bar

A new social hotspot for Sheffield featuring bespoke furniture by M-Tech

Alto is a newly opened rooftop bar in Sheffield, following great success of their previously opened Nottingham location. The venue serves as a social hotspot to the city centre, offering fantastic views of the city and a great atmosphere.

Alto Sheffield comes as part of the Heart of the City scheme – a £480m development focused on improving the city for its inhabitants and visitors.

The industrial styling of the new bar perfectly captures the heritage of Sheffield and the important role the city played during the industrial revolution, with many significant inventions having been made in the city.

M-Tech Engineering was appointed to design, manufacture and install various elements that added the finishing touches to this stylish new location. This included decorative mesh, wineglass and bottle racks, screens to the VIP area, column tables, a DJ booth and bespoke trims to stairs.

Bar Area

The bar front was fitted with mesh inserts to go in front of the copper panels that had been ‘blued’ in-house using heat to achieve the desired finish. The bar front also included LED backlighting by others, highlighting the unique finish of the copper panels and mesh supplied by M-Tech.

The effective use of mesh continues into the bar area, surrounding the bespoke wineglass racks suspended from above. The integrated lights within the mesh gets absorbed by the glasses and then diffused into the surrounding area, further adding to the atmosphere of the venue.

Alto Sheffield


DJ Booth

The adjacent DJ booth was also finished with copper cladding, stylised with rivet fixings that add to the overall industrial theme.

Alto Sheffield


VIP Area

Alto Sheffield features a VIP Area, offering a higher level of privacy for those wishing to enjoy their night in peace and luxury. The VIP booths are protected by large glass screens using toughened reeded glass that is secured in mild steel frames. The reeded glass offers the best of both worlds, providing a level of privacy whilst not blocking out any light.

Copper strips were installed to the VIP steps, tying in perfectly with the rest of the bar.

Alto Sheffield


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