Helical Staircases – Product Showcase

Helical Staircases – Product Showcase

What is a helical staircase?

Helical staircases form a round shape with a wider radius compared to that of a spiral staircase. Manufactured using an array of materials such as steel, timber and glass, the possibilities are endless.

Due to the similarities between the two, it is very easy to mistake a helical staircase for a spiral staircase, as they both feature curves and winding treads. However, there are some key differences to look out for when identifying a helical or spiral staircase.

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What is the difference between helical staircases and spiral staircases?

The first thing to look out for would be a central column to support the treads. This is a feature of a spiral stair and is not present in a helical staircase.

It is also possible to tell the difference by the shape. Spiral staircases form a complete circle, typically up to 2000mm in a domestic setting. Larger examples can exceed 2000mm on commercial projects.

Overall, the lack of a central column and wider radius should be enough to distinguish a helical staircase from the other styles.

How big is a helical staircase?

Helical staircases are large and need a sizeable opening to accommodate this. Due to the size, helical stairs are typically designed with the idea that they will be the main feature of a room. They are a popular choice for entrance areas because of this.

How much do helical staircases cost?

Naturally, with the bespoke high-end nature of a helical staircase, they are typically a more expensive option compared to other available styles. With a lack of central column, higher grade materials and requiring more in-depth manufacturing methods, this has an influence on the overall cost.

If you want to add a breathtaking feature to your home or business, helical staircases can achieve this effortlessly.

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How can M-Tech Engineering help on your next project?

With 27 years of experience, M-Tech Engineering offers a full service approach, supporting you from initial enquiry through to final installation of your product. Our in-house technicians bring your idea to life in 3D, allowing you to visualise your staircase before manufacture.

For any upcoming requirements for bespoke helical staircases, our dedicated sales team are available to discuss your project and provide a quote. Get in touch today via our online enquiry form or give us a call on 0115 9794448.