Our process starts with a consultation with our expert team. We then design a bespoke staircase to meet your exact specifications, using the latest in 3D CAD Design Software.

M-Tech Engineering offer a bespoke tailor made service from design consultation and value engineering, through to 3D modelling. We design, manufacture and install all of our staircases with as little outsourcing as possible to ensure a top-quality finish.

Our expert technicians ensure we meet all relevant legislation and that we do not miss anything when it comes to meeting your specification and the requirements of your staircase installation.


Working directly with you - whether you're a project manager, architect or property owner, we adjust design elements in the 3D model. A virtual render allows you to envisage exactly how your staircase will look.

We work with you to refine materials and components choices, producing you the best visual representation of how your finished staircase will look. Our 3D modelling also allows us to mock up your staircase in a simulated environment that's akin to the one the staircase will be installed in; we offer truly industry-leading design services.



Once approved, our in-house specialist staircase engineers then hand-craft your new staircase at our Nottinghamshire production facility. Our expert installation team then deliver and install it on-site.

Our state-of-the-art, purpose-built facilities are home to a wide range of specialist equipment and a team of specialist engineers. The quality of our staircases are second-to-none. That's why we're already trusted by a wide range of commercial organisations, and serve a customer base throughout the UK - from Scotland, to Cornwall, whether you've got a one-off project, or need a commercial roll-out - we've got you covered.

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