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Overview | Case Studies | Enquire About Our Staircases

Former Crafts Centre Cantilever

This is a fine example of a cantilever staircase made from stained oak treads, matched to the clients doors. The treads have integrated LED lighting and the low iron frameless glass balustrade carried through to the landing with a powder coated bulkhead trim. M-Tech also supplied the frameless glass balcony balustrade and cladding.

Cantilevered or floating staircases appear to defy gravity. A cantilever staircase has each tread fixed only at one end. The supporting structure hides within each tread and behind the face of the wall. There are no supports between the treads.

By supporting the staircase in a way that conceals all the fixings, a cantilevered design certainly has the wow-factor and also adds an element of intrigue around how and what is holding it up. The cantilevered staircase manages to be minimalist while at the same time creating a massive impact.

M-Tech Engineering can help turn your ideas into a reality, supplying the perfect staircase to your commercial or residential project.

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