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Overview | Case Studies | Enquire About Our Staircases


Following several design meetings with the architect and client, we finalised a design on this groundbreaking staircase.

The helical staircase was manufactured and built entirely in our factory in sections that could be transported through a standard front door.  The staircase was then dismantled and transported to Germany where the internal balustrade, the balustrade to the first floor and the underside were clad in form following walnut veneer, along with the handrail.  The balustrade to the outside was manufactured in mild steel and then coated in liquid bronze.

The staircase was manufactured in a way that no fixings are visible.  The treads and risers are manufactured from Carrera marble.

This staircase is the first in the World to be manufactured using this process and we were very happy to be involved in the development.