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Overview | Case Studies | Enquire About Our Staircases


This winder staircase runs through 4 floors, manufactured using laser cut stringers rolled to form flights.

After consultation with the client and architect, we came up with a design. This staircase runs through 4 floors, the staircase has a fabricated steel carcass fixed to the structure of the building. The staircase is clad in solid European oak with a hand made bespoke solid bronze balustrade and solid oak handrail.

Winder staircases are straight-run flights of stairs connected by flat rectangular landings or by winders.

A winder staircase consist of steps that fit together and curve round to create a connecting bend between two straight-run flights of stairs. The tread of each winder step has a wide end and a narrow end which constructs the curve.

M-Tech Engineering can help turn your ideas into a reality, supplying the perfect staircase to your commercial or residential project.

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